Imaginary Authors Bouquet of Miracles – Soy Candle
Imaginary Authors Bouquet of Miracles – Soy Candle

Do not leave unattended. For the first use, light the candle for 1 to 2 hours so that the wax melts to the edge of the glass. The candle should be protected from drafts and the wick should be shortened to 1 cm before each use. This will keep it looking good for longer.

Made in: USA

Packaging: Glass jar

Ingredients: Description will follow

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Imaginary Authors
Bouquet of Miracles – Soy Candle

Scented Candle
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  • Less waste
  • Vegan

We can all use a Bouquet of Miracles now and then. Set fire to the end of a long day and feel the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders like a ribbon of smoke dissipating into thin air.
Dolores Barefield had no idea who left the mysterious gift on her doorstep nor how it held such magical powers, only that its effects were undeniable. To infer she had fallen on hard times would be an understatement, but things were turning around in ways she hadn’t dreamed imaginable. It was springtime in Portland, Oregon and the city was bursting back to life after the wettest winter on record. Life felt possible again. But with newfound strength comes newfound desires, and a perilous search for understanding will lead her to a bizarre world she never knew existed.
Each of Imaginary Author's candles tells its own story, which is embodied by the beautiful jars they come in. The candle consists of a soy wax composition with a cotton wick and has a burning time of around 55 hours.

Notes: Rose, Red Currant, Springtime in Portland

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