Fischersund Fischersund No. 23 – Eau de Parfum
Fischersund Fischersund No. 23 – Eau de Parfum
Fischersund Fischersund No. 23 – Eau de Parfum

Reykur í loftinu og tjargaðir símastaurar.
Anísfræ og svartur pipar fylgja nýslegnu grasi og tóbakslaufum.
Dauð blóm hneigja sig.
Í golunni kitlar kvenleg Lindifuran vitin.
Í fjöru er strandaður rotnandi hvalur.

Perfumeur: Jón Þór Birgisson

Made in: Iceland

Packaging: Glass spray bottle

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Perfume (Fragrance), Aqua (Water).

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Fischersund No. 23 – Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum
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Fischersund No. 23 – Eau de Parfum
50ml EDP
Fischersund No. 23 – Eau de Parfum – Sample

This incredible fragrance is smoky and addictive with notes of anis seed, black pepper, tobacco seeds and Icelandic sitka spruce. Smoke in the air and tarred telephone poles, tall freshly mowed grass, and tobacco leaves. Dead flowers bow to the ground. In the breeze, the feminine fountain pine tickles the top of your skull. A beached whale is about to explode.

Notes: Smoke, Aniseed, Black Pepper, Tobacco, Icelandic Sitka Spruce

Gegründet: 2017
Herkunft: Iceland

Founded in 2017, Fischersund is a family-run perfumery and art collective that harnesses the creative expression of siblings Jónsi (of acclaimed post-rock band Sigur Rós and self-taught nose), Lilja, lngibjörg, Sigurrós, and their partners Sindri and Kjartan Holm. The brand ID is brought to life at the flagship shop located in downtown Reykjavík (Fischersund 3), through artisan fragrances, tailor-made music and ethereal visual and fine arts. Having moved next door to each other in the 70s, brothers Birgir and Hreiðar wanted to make their kids crazy ideas become reality...

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