Woodberg Scalp Brush

Skin feel: Stimulated, relaxed

Measurements: 8x8x7 cm

Material: 5% Wheat Fiber, 95% ABS, Pickets 100% Silicone

How to use: Apply your treatment or shampoo to the scalp and use the brush to – either gently or vigorously – massage the scalp in circular motions allowing for stimulation and relaxation.

Care: For a long lifespan, rinse under clean water after use.

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Scalp Brush

Massage Brush
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  • Vegan
  • Travel-size

This massage brush massages the scalp with soft silicone nubs, stimulating microcirculation that accelerates hair growth. The brush helps shampooing and reaches even the most difficult places on the scalp for the perfect hair wash. Blood circulation is stimulated and impurities are removed from the scalp. When using masks and treatments, it helps to work the product into the hair follicles and wash it out completely.

Suitable for: All hair and skin types

To be used as: Massage brush for hair and scalp

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