Single Edge Rasierklinge (100 Stk.)
Perma-Sharp Single Edge Rasierklinge (100 Stk.)
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Single Edge Rasierklinge (100 Stk.)

Razor Blades
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  • Less waste
  • Vegan
  • Travel-size

The Perma Sharp Single Edge Razor Blades were initially designed exclusively for hairdressers and professional barbers, and are very popular and praised among them, known widely for being amongst the sharpest on the marekt. Providing a smooth, gentle shave without irritation, they outperform ordinary razor blades and ensure sharpness, excellent durability, reliability and an excellent shaving quality, making them also perfect for beginners. Each blade comes wrapped in paraffin paper and is made of stainless steel and coated in platinum, to ensure a perfect shave and a durable blade.

Suitable for: Leaf Razor, Twig Razor, Shavent, Shavettes, Single Edge Razors

Not suitable for: Double Edge Safety Razors