Giesen Forsthoff - Timor Hängeriemen mit Hanfrücken Vorderseite Rindleder Rückseite Leinen

Your straight razor should rest at least 24 hours after shaving. Before the next shave (not after) freshly sharpen your razor on a leather strop. The linen backside is for pre-sharpening your straight razor. During the stropping process the belt must be taut, because otherwise the blade of the razor becomes rounded and dull. To strop your razor, you move the straight razor's edge forward and back against a razor strop. Simply attach one end of the strop to an immovable object, like a towel bar and pull the other end taut. Using light pressure, run the blade horizontally (spine first) up the leather surface with the blade flat against the leather. At the end of the stroke, flip the blade over and run the blade horizontally back down the strop. It is recommended to do this about 40-60 times.

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Giesen Forsthoff - Timor
Hängeriemen mit Hanfrücken Vorderseite Rindleder Rückseite Leinen

Leather Razor Strop
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  • Less waste

A razor strop with hemp back, a front made of genuine leather for resharpening a straight razor and a linen back for pre-sharpening.

  • Aligns and sharpens straight razors
  • Genuine leather handle
  • Genuine leather frontside
  • Linen backside for pre-sharpening
  • Complete length approx. 66 cm
  • Width approx. 4,8 cm
  • Excellent quality and engineering - made in Germany
Giesen Forsthoff - Timor
Giesen Forsthoff - Timor
Gegründet: 1920
Herkunft: Germany

Giesen Forsthoff from Solingen is a German manufacturer for cutlery and tools, which was founded in 1920 by Paul Giesen and Eugen Forsthoff. 1945 co-founder Forsthoff left the company, which retained the name and since then is lead by family Giesen (3rd generation). Today G + F and Timor stands for quality products that meet the highest standards and is a leading specialist and worldwide exporter for all kinds of high-quality Barber & Manicure products ...More

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