Nuori Caressing Facial Brush – Rose
Nuori Caressing Facial Brush – Rose
Nuori Caressing Facial Brush – Rose
Nuori Caressing Facial Brush – Rose
Nuori Caressing Facial Brush – Rose

Measurements (L×W×H): 7×5×5 cm

Material: Handle: silicone, Bristles: nylon

Color: Rose

Designed in: New York, Copenhagen

Made in: China

How to use:
Dry: Use three to four times a week in the mornings on dry skin starting from the decolletage and moving upwards towards the forehead. Use light brush strokes of three to five repetitions per face area. After use, run thumb throught the bristles to brush away any remaining particles.
Wet: Soak the bristles in warm water, apply a cleanser and move the brush in light, circular motions over the skin to create a rich lather. After use rinse with tepid water.
To thoroughly clean the brush, wash with a gentle cleanser or shampoo, rinse, and let air-dry with the bristles face down.

Step-By-Step Instructions (corresponding pictures above):
1. Decolletage – brush from from the middle of your chest up towards collarbones and shoulders.
2. Neck – stretch the neck by raising the chin. Brush with long strokes upwards from the collarbone to the jaw line.
3. Jaw line – lift up the chin to stretch your skin. Use short upward strokes under the jaw line.
4. Chin – hide the lower lip to stretch the skin on the chin upwards. Make strokes from the middle of the chin area and outwards.
5. Cheeks – stretch the skin by moving mouth and jaw to the opposite side of the area being brushed. Use circular strokes in an outwards direction.
6. Above upper lip – use short and energetic strokes from the cupid’s bow going outwards.
7. Nose – brush outwards from the nasal spine and tip of the nose.
8. Eye area – brush outwards to the temples; first above, and then below, the eye.
9. The Third Eye (glabella) – use short upward strokes between the brows.
10. Forehead – brush the entire forehead from the center towards the temples.
11. Face profile – complete your treatment by using long downward strokes from the front and the back of the ear. This will help with the final lymphatic drainage.

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Caressing Facial Brush – Rose

Facial Brush
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Caressing Facial Brush – Rose

A feather-soft facial brush that allows for better skin texture and tone as well as smoother, more radiant skin. Used as a dry brush it exfoliates the skin, stimulates microcirculation and, with regular use, can help reduce puffiness. When used wet with a cleansing product, it allows for a deeper cleanse and smoother, glowing skin.

Gegründet: 2015
Herkunft: Denmark

By applauding the power of freshness, Nuori introduces a new generation of skincare products with the highest level of efficacy and purity for today’s uncompromising customers. Freshness allows them to create pure and 100% natural products, completely free of synthetic additives that artificially prolong the shelf life of skincare formulas. Freshness also ensures peak efficacy, as active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown. To guarantee that Nuori products are the freshest on market, the products are freshly blended in small batches ...More

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