hibi Hibi 10 Minute Aroma – Gift Box – Japanese Fragrance Series
hibi Hibi 10 Minute Aroma – Gift Box – Japanese Fragrance Series

Pull the perforated part of the film sideways to the left and right to open the package. Take out a stick of hibi and press its top tip against the brown rough surface on the side of the box (the side for striking) at an angle of 45 degrees, and scrape it diagonally down to light it. Hold the stick at its mid-point as it might break easily if you hold the far tip of the stick to strike it. Once the stick is lit, hold it at a slight downward tilt until the flame has spread to the incense stick and the flame extinguishes itself. If you hastily extinguish the flame before it settles, the fire may not spread to the incense stick. It is also possible that the smell of the match may affect the initial fragrance of the incense stick, since the ignition material in the match head has not burned out completely. (However, after a while, the smell of the incense stick will normalize). Lay the stick on hibi’s exclusive mat and enjoy the scent for around 10 minutes. You can place it almost anywgere as the exclusive mat and tray are heat-resistant. If you are concerned, place it on top of the slide cover of the box to ensure safety. Don’t leave the area until the stick is burnt out. Be sure to burn only one stick at a time. Burning more than two sticks at a time is dangerous, as it will cause overheating of the mat.
After using the stick, lift the stick together with the mat and throw away the remaining ash. Using another stick of hibi on the mat with the residual ash may mix scents and you may not enjoy the original scent of hibi.

Be sure to take precautions against fire, and don’t leave it while it is still burning.
Don’t put the stick on the exclusive mat before confirming that its flame has already settled and fire has already spread to its incense part.
It is not edible. Be sure to keep it away from infants.
Avoid storing it in hot and humid places to prevent quality degradation.

Made in: Japan

Packaging: Paper packaging

Ingredients: Incense Powder, Washi Pulp.

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Gift Box – 10 Minute Aroma – Japanese Series

Instant Incense Sticks Set
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Let your mind run free with this set of hibi´s Japanese fragrance line, perfect for anyone who can´t decide on just one scent, or as a gift for that special person in your life.
Born out of the idea of incense sticks that can be lit like a match, and a collaboration between two traditional Japanese craftsmanships: incense making and match making, these 10 minute aromas are perfect for when you need a moment to yourself to restore and recuperate. With the Japanese Series, hibi turns any ordinary day into a journey to the Far East. These scents form a collection that celebrates Japanese traditional incense. Although they are not necessarily scents that are entirely native to Japan, they do represent ingredients commonly used and loved in Japanese traditional incense. This compact pack of eight matchsticks includes a non-flammable mat which allows for easy enjoyment of the incense almost anywhere. As Japanese incense is generally very brittle, a clever solution had to be created for these incense sticks that can be lit like a match. A precise recipe of incense and washi pulp was developed: an aromatic product with properties of both strength and fragrance, which does not break even when struck like a match. The name hibi, meaning ‘day to day’, or daily, in Japanese, was given with the hope that you will keep hibi incense around you every day and freely enjoy its fragrance, matching each day’s mood or occasion.

This set includes:
Japanese Cypress – This scent envelops the mind with nostalgic serenity, soothing a restless mind and restoring clarity of thought
Sandalwood – Eliminate tension and reflect on your inner self with this scent that transports you to another world with its mysteriously profound sweetness
Yuzu  Used as a medicinal plant since ancient times, yuzu is ideal for easing tension of mind and body to fully relax oneself

Gegründet: 2011
Herkunft: Japan

Scents that enrich your day – the incense of Awaji Island and the matches of Harima: These two traditional industries of Hyogo Prefecture first encountered each other in 2011. The collaboration between incense company Daihatsu and match manufacturer Kobe Match Corporation began with the idea of an incense that could be lit like a match, hoping to save two stagnating industries. What followed were three and a half years of trial and error. The result: a perfectly balanced blend of Japanese paper, incense and temperature that makes the stick more flammable and resistant...more

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