Abel Odor Black Anise – Eau de Parfum – Sample
Abel Odor Black Anise – Eau de Parfum – 50ml
Abel Odor Black Anise – Eau de Parfum – 50ml

"When we launched Abel, the mission was to reinvent natural perfume, to rid it of its 1970s patchouli hangover and show that in pairing unique combinations of ingredients with innovative biotech, naturals can be distinct, modern and elevated. In the last few years, we’ve seen a broader range of conscious consumers seeking alternative perfumes, but they’re searching for – something more chic and nuanced than what is usually found in plant-based perfumery. Black Anise is our boldest challenge to natural conventions yet. It will appeal to those exact customers at- tracted to the non-toxic ingredient palette but looking for a scent profile that is rich, strong and dare I say it, sexy. I truly think Black Anise will shift those who’ve decided against a natural perfume before in their tracks and make them think twice.” – Abel Founder Frances Shoemack
“As in any creative pursuit, there comes a time when you find yourself wanting to push the boundaries, to see if you can play right at the edges and surprise everyone. Naturals have an (often misguided) reputation for being simple, subtle and organic smelling. While every ingredient in Black Anise is natural, the very deliberate selection of dense, powerful notes such as tobacco and star anise and their pairing with a rich fruit accord of cherry and cassis makes for a dynamic, long-lasting and distinctive scent. “ – Isaac Sinclair

Perfumer: Isaac Sinclair, Frances Shoemack

Made in: Netherlands

Packaging: Glass bottle with atomizer

Ingredients: Ethanol*, Parfum* (including Limonene, Coumarin, Linalool, Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamal, Benzyl Cinnamate, Cirtal, Isoeugenol, Cinnamic Alcohol, Citronellol, Eugenol), Clary Sage Absolute, Davana Oil , Cassis Absolute Burgundy, Star Anise Oil, Tolu Balsam, Apricot Seed Oil (Bitter Almond Oil), Cedarwood Oil, Patchouli Oil, Guaiac Wood Oil, Cade Oil Rect., Cistus Labdanum Absolute, Vanillin Biotech, Ambrettolide Biotech* (Musk Note), Coffee Pfico Extract Co2, Damascenone Beta* (Dark Rose Note), Hexenyl Butrate Cis 3* (Red Fruit Note), Hexyl Acetate* (Apple Note), Decalactone Gamma* (Cacao Note), Ethyl Methyl Butrate 2* (Berry Note), Anethol* (Star Anise Extract), Ambroxan* (Ambergris Note).
*100% Plant/naturally derived

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Abel Odor
Black Anise – Eau de Parfum – Sample

Eau de Parfum
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Black Anise – Eau de Parfum – 50ml
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Black Anise – Eau de Parfum – Sample

Black Anise is quite simply not what you would expect – dark, moody and smoky, it was created to challenge expectations. Roaming about, with a clear destination in mind, reflections on the River Spree, howling song to song with arms wide open – an old habit. A glass half full of intrigue and hopefulness. A vibrant, smoky amber with dynamic star anise top notes, a rich black currant and cacao heart, and a distinctive tobacco base, Black Anise is a dark and sultry scent that is sure to surprise. Long-lasting, powerful and deeply memorable.

Top Notes: Star Anise
Heart Notes: Blackcurrant, Cacao
Base Notes: Tobacco

Abel Odor
Abel Odor
Gegründet: 2013
Herkunft: Netherlands

Abel wurde 2013 in Amsterdam von der ehemaligen Winzerin und Neuseeländerin Frances Shoemack gegründet, nachdem ihre Suche nach einem natürlichen Duft, der schick, modern und lange anhält, fehlgeschlagen war. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem in Sao Paulo ansässigen Meisterparfümeur Isaac Sinclair entwickelt sie eine Auswahl an natürlichen Unisex-Parfüms, die nicht nur aus 100% natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen bestehen, sondern kompromisslos modern und lang anhaltend sind. Genuss darf keine negativen Auswirkungen auf Erde und Bewohner haben, so die beiden. Sie glauben an die Fähigkeit, das tägliche Leben ...Mehr

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