Leaf Shave Leaf & Twig Shower Holder – Silver
Leaf Shave Leaf & Twig Shower Holder – Silver

Material: Zinc alloy and stainless steel

Color: Prism – prismatic, shimmering effect (each razor is unique, therefore the coloring may vary from the image)

Made in: China

1. [Install on a dry surface] Clean the surface with a bit of alcohol first, fully dry it.

2. [Peel & Stick] Shower Holder uses an adhesive pad. Simply peel the paper-backing on the adhesive and then stick it where you’d like to hang your razor.

3. [Hold it for 30 seconds] Apply pressure for 30 seconds.

Note: Once installed, it’s installed — measure twice, stick-once! An additional adhesive pad is included should you ever need to move it to a different location. Additional adhesive pads can be purchased from Leaf Shave if ever needed.

Take care on the following surfaces, the adhesive may damage them upon removal.
Painted or Coated Surfaces

The following surfaces should be no issue:
Glass / Perspex
Ceramic Tile
Textured / Uneven Tiles
Mosaic Tiles

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Leaf Shave
Leaf & Twig Shower Holder – Prism

Shower Holder for Leaf & Twig Razor
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  • Less waste
  • Vegan

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Rose Gold
Leaf & Twig Shower Holder – Silver

Rise above the puddle with this Leaf Shave Shower Holder – for all the shower-shavers, or those who want a convenient vertical mount for their Leaf Shave razor. It is compatible with both razor models – the triple-blade Leaf Razor and the single-edge Twig Razor – and the powerful adhesive ensure your precious razor is kept safe, without having to worry about it falling in the dead of night.
Each unit ships with a backup adhesive pad which can be applied if you move your unit in the future.

Matte (Black & Silver) finishes are softer and will show wear over time; Rose Gold may patina over time; Mercury, Gold and Chrome are very resilient.

Leaf Shave offsets the entirety of their carbon emissions footprint – from raw materials through production through shipping, Leaf Shave is certified climate neutral.

Leaf Shave
Leaf Shave
Gegründet: 2017
Herkunft: USA

Adam Hahn and Adam Simone founded Leaf Shave 2017 as a Kickstarter campaign with the idea to reinvent a razor. A plastic-free shave people actually love. Someone needed to do it and so they did. Metal straws are popping out of reusable tumblers. People are investing in fewer, but better things. And disposable plastic razor cartridges just don't cut it anymore. That pun – was intended. Leaf, and their razor is simply a better way to shave. We are already completely convinced.
They made a tool for folks with hair – up here, or down there. No pink tax. No wrong answers ...More

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