Merme Berlin Facial Cloth – 100% Baumwolle
Merme Berlin Facial Cloth – 100% Baumwolle
Merme Berlin Facial Cloth – 100% Baumwolle

How to use: Use to wipe face clean and dry before and/or after cleansing. It can also be paired with an oil to dislodge any make up, sunscreen and dirt or grime. Start by massaging in the oil without the cloth, then slightly dampen the muslin cloth and massage the skin with circular motions working the cheeks, forehead, and nose, avoiding the eyes. Wipe until the face is fully clean. It can also be used to apply toners or to exfoliate rough, flaky areas such as lips. To exfoliate simply wet the cloth and gently massage in circular motions. Muslin cloths can also be used as a cold, refreshing compress. To use as such, wet it, wring it out and individually freeze it in storage bags. Perfect to use after a workout when the face is hot and flushed, or when facing an eczema or rosacea flare up. The cotton pulls the heat out of the skin and into the cloth, helping to soothe skin inflammation.

Made in: Turkey

Ingredients: 100% sustainable, ethical and naturally made cotton (L x H: 35cm x 35cm)

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Merme Berlin
Facial Cloth – 100% Baumwolle

Muslin Cloth
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These high quality, breathable, luxurious and hypoallergenic muslin cloths are made of 4 layers of woven 100% natural, ethically sourced cotton gently exfoliate, cleanse and rejuventate the skin, helping boost collagen production and increasing blood flow. The lymphatic system is stimulated to reduce inflammations while oxygen and nutrients are pumped to the skin, leaving a plump and glowy complexion post face massage. Ideal for the first step of the skincare routine, they further provide a clean base and prime the skin for active ingredients to penetrate the pores. They can also be paired with an oil to help work it in, or be used to apply a toner, and come in a three pack for an easy, regaluar exchange.

Merme Berlin
Merme Berlin
Gegründet: 2016
Herkunft: Berlin

In 2016, Australian-born Claire Ralston launched MERME Berlin out of her passion for Clean Skincare, which arose during her studies at the Australian College of Natural Beauty. There she was particularly interested in the effectiveness of non-invasive and natural beauty methods. When she moved to Berlin in 2014, she couldn't find good, organic skincare that gave her the healthy glow she wanted. So she started sourcing the good ingredients herself - MERME was born. Merme was Claire's grandmother's name, who lived on a cattle farm in northern New South Wales, Australia ...More

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