Heretic Parfum Dirty Coconut – Eau de Parfum – 50ml
Heretic Parfum Dirty Coconut – Eau de Parfum – 50ml

Creamy coconut flesh blends with sustainably harvested sandalwood in this sensual masterpiece that strays far from 'basic beach' scents and the saccharine tanning lotions of yesteryear to dive deep into an elevated blend of sunbathed exotic woods and warmed vanilla. A sophisticated take on coconut perfume, Dirty Coconut uses coconut CO2 to achieve a more authentic expression of the fruit and to showcase its intensely tropical notes. By blending it with pure organic coconut alcohol and an 'ungodly' amount of rich sandalwood, they merge into a seductively milky fragrance that's both lusty and renewing. Packed with natural aphrodisiacs and stress-relieving ingredients, Dirty Coconut conjures swaying palms in the tropics, seaside relaxation, and forbidden island trysts.

Dirty Coconut was inspired by the ultra-rare coco de mer palm tree and the suggestive, voluptuous proportions of its fruit. Leaving little to the imagination, the coco de mer fruit was first given the name Lodoicea Callipyge by early explorers, which means "beautiful buttocks" in Greek. Weighing in at around 25kg, it's the largest seed in the plant kingdom. This mysterious fruit has been ascribed with powerful healing properties, worshipped as a fertility symbol in its native Seychelles, and coveted as a prized object in the curiosity collections of nobility throughout history.

Parfumeur: Douglas Little

Made in: USA

Packaging: Glass bottle with spray head

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Alcohol (Made From Fermented Coconut), Triethyl Citrate, Juniperus Mexicana (Texas Cedarwood Essential Oil), Amyris Balsamifera, Oxacyclohexadec-12-en-2-one (Ambrettolide), Santal Austral (Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil), Sandalmysore Core, Vanillin (Derived From Clove), Gamma Octalactone, Gamma Decalactone, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Fruit Co2 Extract).

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Heretic Parfum
Dirty Coconut – Eau de Parfum – 50ml

Eau de Parfum
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Beginning with toasted coconut, the fragrance calms the senses and inspires seduction and self-love. Thanks to its natural ingredients, Dirty Coconut has stress-relieving as well as Ayurvedic properties and relaxes the mind with rich, musky Indian sandalwood, while relieving stress and inspiring passion with vanilla. The scent of coconut and sunbathed exotic woods evokes swaying palms and forbidden summer night rendezvous on the beach. Sophisticated, seductive, renewing and creamy in a bottle, Dirty Coconut manages to perfect the coconut scent by using coconut CO2 to express a more authentic and intense tropical note, while the musky sandalwood and ambrettolide complement the woody character of coconut. This is then perfectly rounded off with vanilla, which gives it the desired warmth.

Top Notes: Cedar, Vanillin
Heart Notes: Coconut CO2
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amyris, Ambrettolide

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