Woodberg X Duftstylistin – Fragrance Box
Woodberg X Duftstylistin – Fragrance Box

Packaging: Glass bottle with atomizer

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2 Dec 2022


Als ich das Paket öffnete, nahm ich bereits einen himmlischen Duft wahr. Alles wurde liebevoll verpackt mit einer persönlich geschriebenen Karte. Wunderschön! Der Duft hat mich direkt getroffen. Düfte können dich glücklich machen! Vielen Dank an die großartige Duft Stylistin und das Woodberg Team!

29 May 2021

Tolle Sache

Ich finde das Konzept super: die Düfte einfach in Ruhe, über mehrere Tage, zu entedecken und testen.
Die Auswahl bei der Duftstylistin ist sehr schön, sehr orginal, tolle neue Entdeckungen, die ich sonst niemals gemacht hätte.
Und dazu: alles ist total liebevoll (hand)gepackt. Macht echt Spass!

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Duftstylistin – Fragrance Box

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It is impossible to imagine the cosmos of perfume connoisseurs without her. Melli Zampanella aka. Die Duftstylistin has smelled so many perfumes in her life, categorized them in her head and created suitable fragrance images, so that she has developed - similar to the "Absolute Hearing" - the "Comprehensive Nose". In her fragrance consultations, she delivers spot-on fragrances that reflect personalities and characteristics, so that after a little information about character, you can almost blindly trust her when choosing a perfume.
For us, she packed her top5 niche fragrances from the Woodberg range into our collaborative Fragrance Box. Salty, molecular, ocean walker, sensual woody, tangy-aperolic, greenhousey, bossy, just to give away some of the characteristics of these fragrances.... We believe the box is an asset for anyone who wants to find inspiration from a professional who knows how to combine craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Fragrance Family: Mixed

We’ve included a special for you: Every Fragrance Box includes a 5 Euro voucher towards a perfume from our shop :-)

What is a fragrance box?
This fragrance box is a collection, curated by us, of thematically compatible perfumes. This is meant to ease your process of finding that one perfume that sweeps you off your feet, without having to spend all day studying each and every scent we offer. As we find it impossible to narrow it down to only 5 scents per topic, the exact constellation of the box will not always be the same and will change according to the mood and preferences of our Fragrance Team. 

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