Woodberg Clean White – Fragrance Box
Woodberg Clean White – Fragrance Box

Packaging: Glass bottle with atomizer

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Clean White – Fragrance Box

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Clean White is an ode to the obviously untainted cleanliness. To the optical inviolability. To the apparent innocence that only reveals its inner self at second glance: A complex construct of past, pleasantly warm memories and feelings, that then emerge as hard, dry, aquatic and chemical. Freshly washed laundry that cannot hide its history for too long. A teflon-like shell is draped over the wearer, allowing everything that might contradict the image of cleanliness to bounce off it, empty, dust-free and unscratched. Upon closer inspection, however, one recognises the sensual-animalic diversity that is concealed here. This is the secret of these so-called clean/white fragrances. They are molecular fragrance packages that send a familiar messenger forward with a distracting burst, only to reveal the other, secret fellow passengers when the fog has cleared, the glow has had its effect and everyone has fallen under its spell.
A box containing fragrances for the wolf in the white silk dress.

Fragrance Family: Clean

We’ve included a special for you: Every Fragrance Box includes a 5 Euro voucher towards a perfume from our shop :-)

What is a fragrance box?
This fragrance box is a collection, curated by us, of thematically compatible perfumes. This is meant to ease your process of finding that one perfume that sweeps you off your feet, without having to spend all day studying each and every scent we offer. As we find it impossible to narrow it down to only 5 scents per topic, the exact constellation of the box will not always be the same and will change according to the mood and preferences of our Fragrance Team. 

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