Leaf Shave Leaf Dermaplaner – Silver
Leaf Shave Leaf Dermaplaner – Silver
Leaf Shave Leaf Dermaplaner – Silver

Measurements: approx. 16 cm long

Weight: approx. 53g

Material: Zinc alloy and stainless steel

Color: Silver (matte)

Made in: China

Care: Thoroughly rinse your tool and blade after use. Wipe the blade and blade guard with alcohol to disinfect. The Dermaplaners are compatible with any standard single-edge razor blade, however, the blade-guard must be used at all times. Leaf recommend replacing both the blade and the blade-guard regularly at the same time for hygiene purposes – their recommended timeframe is either on a monthly basis or after every three uses – whichever comes first.

There are two parts to replace when refilling your tool: a single-edge blade, and a blade-guard. Flip open the head, and first load the blade-guard. If you have just opened your tool for the first time, it comes with the blade-guard pre-installed. Simply lay guard with scallops facing front, and insert the short bend of the guard directly into the slot on the handle. It will press in firmly, holding with friction. Never use your Leaf Dermaplaner without the blade-guard installed. Next, insert the steel blade. Simply unwrap it with caution and, holding it from the non-sharp end, line it up with the fold in the blade-guard, and push it forward up against the scallops. The blade must have a tight fit, so press down on either side of the blade in the back, making sure it falls down the wall. This is a purposefully tight fit. You can now close the head of your Dermaplaner. If it closes completely, you´re good to go. If it gets stopped short if fully closed, your blade may not be pushed down enough. Swing the head open again and push on either side of the back of the blade.
To remove the blade, reach behind the blade and wedge it out. The blade is fit tight against the back wall, so use caution when removing the blade as it will fight you a little. To remove the guard, find a thin object, such as a coin or a key, to push through the back slot. Pop it out on both sides until it´s free, and remove the blade-guard. If the blade-guard is bent or broken in any way, do not re-use the guard. It is recommended to only remove it when it is time to refill the Dermaplaner with a fresh guard. It is recommended to refill the tool every one to three uses, or about once a month – whichever comes first.

To prep, cleanse face completely. Use on either dry skin, or apply a small amount of a shaving oil. If you’re unsure about which method works best for your skin, ask your dermatologist. Hold your skin taut, and place the blade at a 45-degree angle against your skin. Use light pressure, and move in short downward strokes towards the center of your face. As needed, rinse or wipe the blade. Take your time, and get comfortable with the technique. To finish, rinse your skin and finish with moisturizing your skin.
Warning: Do not use the Dermaplaner without a blade-guard.

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Leaf Shave
Leaf Dermaplaner – Silver

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The Leaf Dermaplaner is an all-metal, zero-waste system for removing peach fuzz, maintaining facial hair, and exfoliating skin with an Earth-friendly footprint. Turn any standard safety razor blade into an at-home dermaplaning facial razor blade with this unique handle and proprietary blade-guard technology. It is a hand-held device that looks similar to a razor, but is specifically designed for use on the face. The purpose of the Dermaplaner is to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells and fine facial hairs, often referred to as 'peach fuzz'. Use each refill up to 3 times, or swap as needed. The Leaf Dermaplaner is a perfect fit for people currently using plastic or disposable dermaplaners or facial shavers, or for those who have never tried at-home dermaplaning but are interested in trying. You can also use Dermaplaner to shape eyebrows if you find plucking too tedious or waxing too taxing while it is also good for addressing clogged pores, dry skin, dark spots and uneven texture. Every Leaf Dermaplaner includes a steel precision clip. Clip this onto the head to cover a portion of the blade, effectively creating a smaller blade exposure for precision work, to maintain brows and other fine facial hair. The matching stand for a clean appearance in the bathroom is optionally available.
Leaf Shave is at the forefront of innovation in razors ... and now in skincare tools too! This unique handle and patent-pending blade guard design transforms traditional safety razor blades into dermaplaning blades for safe use at home. Simply flip open the head, attach the blade guard and insert a new blade. With the Leaf Dermaplaner for home use, the sky's the limit when it comes to skin care. Two half razor blades and two blade guards are already included to get you started. We recommend testing razor blades from different manufacturers to find your personal favourite that best shaves your individual hair length, thickness and density.

Matte (Black & Silver) finishes are softer and will show wear over time; Rose Gold may patina over time; Mercury, Gold and Chrome are very resilient.

Leaf Shave offsets the entirety of their carbon emissions footprint – from raw materials through production through shipping, Leaf Shave is  certified climate neutral.

Leaf Shave
Leaf Shave
Gegründet: 2017
Herkunft: USA

Adam Hahn and Adam Simone founded Leaf Shave 2017 as a Kickstarter campaign with the idea to reinvent a razor. A plastic-free shave people actually love. Someone needed to do it and so they did. Metal straws are popping out of reusable tumblers. People are investing in fewer, but better things. And disposable plastic razor cartridges just don't cut it anymore. That pun – was intended. Leaf, and their razor is simply a better way to shave. We are already completely convinced.
They made a tool for folks with hair – up here, or down there. No pink tax. No wrong answers ...More

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