Room 1015 Sweet Leaf – Eau de Parfum – Sample
Room 1015 Sweet Leaf – Eau de Parfum – Sample

“Historically cannabis has been used to induce spiritual experiences and inner travel. It’s that part of 1960’s counterculture movement which has evolved into its own language, art, literature and music. The very act of smoking a joint has deep symbolism. To put it bluntly, the fragrance Sweet Leaf will make you fly high.” – Dr. Mike (Room 1015 Founder)

Perfumer: Serge De Oliveira

Made in: France

Packaging: Glasflasche mit Sprühkopf

Ingredients: Alcohol denat., Parfum (fragrance), Aqua, Benzyl Benzoate, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool.

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Room 1015
Sweet Leaf – Eau de Parfum – Sample

Eau de Parfum
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Sweet Leaf – Eau de Parfum – 10ml
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Sweet Leaf – Eau de Parfum – Sample

This fragrance reveals a world that seems too weird to live and too rare to die. 4:20 a.m. and you are still on the road. Slowly, the wheels of the bicycle move beneath you as you hold the universe rolled in a piece of thin white paper in your fingers. After the first puff of this hypnotic scent, tangy grapefruit draws you in like the pink sun melting in its brilliant colours against the turquoise sky. After a short while, your nose and heartbeat calm down after the initial citrusy build-up and your entire body relaxes in the very next puff. Gentle cannabis, spicy angelica and resinous turpentine caress the mind. The purple trees along the road wave their leaves like old friends. Soft clouds of jasmine and cashmere wood embrace the action and bed you down in deep well-being. This green-citrusy and very delicate fragrance offers just the right amount of reverie and comfort – relaxed, you glide further and further into the warmth of dawn.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Eucalyptus
Heart Notes: Cannabis, Angelica Root, Turpentine
Base Notes: Jasmin, Cashmeran Wood, Patchouli

Room 1015
Room 1015
Gegründet: 2015
Herkunft: France

Stop and rewind to a time when the Continental Hyatt Hotel, aka the “Riot House,” was the place to be. The 70s was a decade of total delirium for any self-respecting rock group. And L.A. was an inevitable stop on the journey. The motorcycles in the hallways, the rooftop pool overflowing with bubbles, Jim Morrison dangling from a balcony, the epic battles of Keith Moon from The Who… Or, even more iconic, the Christ-like Robert Plant who took himself for a Golden God above the Sunset Trip with his angel’s hair, Nepalese bracelets and skimpy T-shirt ...More

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