Evolve Beauty Bio-Retinol + C Skin Booster
Evolve Beauty Bio-Retinol + C Skin Booster
Evolve Beauty Bio-Retinol + C Skin Booster

Backuchiol is a 100% natural functional analog of retinol. It provides retinol-like behavior by significantly decreasing wrinkle surface area and hyperpigmentation whilst improving firmness and elasticity with no irritation. It has also shown to increase collagen synthesis as well as improving the state of blemish-prone skin. Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. The oil helps to fight signs of ageing and keeps the skin nourished and hydrated. It is rich in bio-retinol and helps promote cellular renewal and improves the appearance of scars. The used stable, fat soluble vitamin C has a penetration three times greater than water souble vitamin C. It helps to improve the appearance of the skin thanks to better cell survival, better hydration and more collagen sythesis. It improves skin radiance by reducing melanin produktion. Sea buckthorn is packed full of vitamin C and is also rich in omega 7, 3 and beta carotene to help improve skin’s elasticity, hydration and texture.

Skin feel: Smooth, delicate, hydrated, plumped

Texture: Light, quickly absorbed, non-greasy, yellowish oil 

Scent: A sweet, fruity scent

Dosage: Two to four drops

How-to-use: Apply on cleansed skin or mix directly with your moisturiser, serum or oil.

Made in: Great Britain

Packaging: Glassbottle with dropper

Ingredients: Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride*, Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit Oil*, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Fruit Oil*, Bakuchiol, Tocopherol, Parfum (Naturally Derived Fragrance), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil.
*Ingredients From Organic Farming

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Evolve Beauty
Bio-Retinol + C Skin Booster

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An oil-based booster that improves the long-term appearance of dull and tired skin. The combination of vitamin C and organic retinol gently nourishes the skin without irritating it, giving it a healthy, radiant complexion. Thanks to a variety of vitamins, collagen production is increased and premature skin aging is prevented. The result is a brighter, firmer, more nourishing and younger looking skin.

Suitable for: All skin types

To be used as: Moisture Booster, Anti-Ageing-Treatment

Evolve Beauty
Evolve Beauty
Gegründet: 2008
Herkunft: Great Britain

Laura Rudoe launched Evolve in 2008, inspired by her own healthy living journey and her belief that companies should not only do well, but also do good. Evolve is designed to make it easier for everyone to be a little healthier and greener in their everyday lives by creating beautiful, affordable and effective organic, natural and vegan products. Due to the fact that Laura has always found natural and organic food and beauty products to be beneficial as well as having helped her in her own journey towards better skin, every certified organic and natural skin, body and hair care product is made from the finest natural and organic ingredients ...More

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